Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Cowley Beach Carvan Park?

The Cowley Beach turn-off is located on the Bruce Highway, approximately half-way between Tully and Innisfail. Cowley Beach Caravan Park is situated right on the beachfront – approx 8 mins drive from turn-off.

Is there a boat ramp?

There are two boat ramps available. One ramp is adjacent to the Caravan Park, the other is about 1 minute back on the road in, and gives access to Liverpool Creek.

Is Liverpool Creek accessible for fishing?

Liverpool Creek is accessible via either boat ramp or by a short beach walk.

What type of fish can I catch?

Cowley is renowned for it’s great fishing.  With a ten minute boat trip you could be catching coral trout or spanish mackerel around the
Barnard Islands.  Liverpool Creek is home to plenty of mud crabs, mangrove jack and barramundi.

What tourist attractions are nearby?